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About Us

CASH Cop was created to meet the cash management needs
of a real business.

EzTRUNNION's vision is to provide an affordable, easy to use tool that simplifies cash management and cash flow projections for small businesses.  In 2007, over 80% of small businesses agreed that ensuring cash flow is the #1 challenge, yet less than 50% utilized tools to help them manage their cash flow.  Without a vision of their cash future, these companies become victims of the economy, instead of victors.

CASH Cop is a cash management and cash flow projection tool designed for use with QuickBooks.  The genesis of the prototype tool came from Lynn's personal experience while working for a company that was dangerously upside down on their A/R vs. A/P.  Lynn developed a methodology and tool to micro-manage the payables relative to the receivables on a weekly basis, knowing that mistakes in what was paid out for the current week could have a serious and catastrophic domino effect in weeks/months to come.

Over 45 years experience

ezTRUNNION's founders, Lynn Luzzi and Susan Wright, bring a combined total of 45 years of solid experience from financial services, software development, process improvement and small business management arenas.  The company’s premier product, CASH Cop, reflects their real world experience, practicality and business acumen.

Lynn implemented the development and delivery of key internal tools at Gemini Consulting.  At Lotus Corp/IBM, and as president of her own technology management consulting service, Lynn spearheaded business needs identification, process innovation, and solutions delivery for many Fortune 500 clients.  More recently, she had added hands-on experience with the financial and business challenges of small business.  Susan boasts a quarter century of experience in technology planning and management for a major financial services institution. 

ezTRUNNION understands that small businesses have a myriad of specialized needs that require targeted solutions both easy to use, quick to implement and comfortably priced.  The tools ezTRUNNION designs may be stand alone or may integrate with broader applications that lack the flexibility necessary to easily deliver the desired objective in a timely or cost effective manner.