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 Does CASH Cop work with the new "Excel" exporting feature of QuickBooks 2012?
Yes and No.   When QuickBooks 2012 exports to an existing Excel workbook (e.g. CASH Cop) it is also sending "linkage/reference" information, and adding on a control button.  This additional information is not compatible with the security of CASH Cop.   Instead, you will export to a new workbook, then copy/paste that data to the CASH Cop "QB Export" worksheet.

 Does CASH Cop work with the 64-bit Excel?
No.  CASH Cop works with Microsoft's recommended 32-bit install, even on 64-bit machines, with 64-bit Win 7. (64-bit Excel does not support ActiveX)

 I received an error message when importing my Budget vs Actuals report.  What caused the error?
If you are importing Budget and Actuals from QB, please be sure to follow the instructions on pages 10-13 of the Cash Cop User's Guide (PDF).   It is required that you have at least one account categorized as "Other Income" in your chart of accounts.  The actual name of this "Other Income" account is not important.

 What is CASH Cop and why do I need it?
CASH Cop is cash flow management and cash flow projection software  It enables any small business owner, financial officer, accountant or bookkeeper to manage for “best case” and “worst case” scenarios by maintaining a solid understanding of their current and future cash flow.

 Who is CASH Cop designed for?
It’s designed for any QuickBook® user – particularly for business owners, office managers, bookkeepers, and CPAs with QuickBooks clients.

 Our company deals with multi-currencies.  Does CASH Cop support this QuickBooks feature?
Yes.  CASH Cop support the use of multiple currencies in QuickBooks.  All CASH Cop information will be shown in the “home” currency.   Note, that user entered CASH Cop Loan information must be entered in the home currency.

 Does CASH Cop support progress invoicing?
Yes.  If you are using progress invoicing in QuickBooks, then any imported estimates will reflect the open balance for that invoice.

 Can I import the Forecast vs. Actual report from QuickBooks?
Yes.  You can import either the Budget vs. Actual report or the Forecast vs. Actual report.  These reports must be for 12 consecutive months, and must have at least one month in common with the CASH Cop Budget/ 1-Year projection. 

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 Our company books are Accrual based. Will CASH Cop work for us?
Absolutely. Your accrual-based bookkeeping is relevant for your accountant and the IRS.  CASH Cop, on the other hand, is designed to let you see the reality of your accounts payable and accounts receivables on your bank/cash accounts.

 Must I re-key information into CASH Cop?
There is only a minimal amount of re-keying:  your company name, current cash on hand, payroll/labor numbers for your six-week management, and the month’s opening cash balance for the one-year projection. Depending on your specific business, there may be some optional additional keystroking.

 Can I use formulas in my budget?
Absolutely.  CASH Cop allows you to enter formulas for budget items.  Whenever the budget sheet is "rolled" forward to present the current month plus 11 months into the future, any formulas you may have entered are converted into values to prevent any issues that might occur with obsolete cell references.

 Why did you limit short term cash management to only a six-week view?
Typically, bills are only received one month or less in advance of due date.  Working in this tight "window" will highlight any immediate cash flow issues.

 What if my Chart of Account items change?
If new categories or items are added to your QuickBooks chart of Accounts, it’s easy for CASH Cop to add them to your budget.  If existing items/categories are edited or deleted you will need to simply reset the CASH Cop budget (via the “Clear Budget” button) and re-import all relevant information by using the import buttons.

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 May I add more bills to the 6 Week Management page?
Of course.  Go to the bottom of the imported unpaid bills and enter – at minimum – the date, due date, and balance due.  Then click the “Reset Formulas” button and CASH Cops will include the manual additions in all relevant calculations.  (Note:  the manual additions will be overwritten on the next unpaid bills import.)

 Do I need to key in a budget from scratch?
No.  CASH Cop not only picks up your expense and income categories, but it will seed your budget numbers based on the last 12 month’s actuals (if any) and this year’s actuals…OR the current year’s QuckBooks budget vs. actuals report.

 Does CASH Cop handle credit card debt?
This version will not directly import on-line information from financial institutions. Handle your credit card bills as you normally do.

 I have a bill due early next month.  Why doesn't it show up on the 1 Year Projection's "Accounts Payable" line?
CASH Cop uses your "Settings" page to determine to which month a bill will be allocated.  For example, if a bill was due July 2nd, it would most likely be allocated to the June unpaid bills because it is reasonable to assume that a payment would be generated by end of June.

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 Why must I manually enter "Payroll/labor" on the 6 Week Management worksheet?
For many companies payroll and/or labor varies from week to week. An example of "labor" would be temporary hourly laborers who expect to be paid upon submitting their timecards for the week.

 What must I do at the start of a new month?
Nothing special.  We do recommend that you perform your Cash Cop imports on a regular basis, preferrably once a week.    The 1-Year projection will not roll forward to the new month until you have done an Actuals &/or Budget import.  

 Why doesn't the 1 Year Projection automatically roll to the current month?
It will, the first time you import your actuals and/or budget from QuickBooks.  CASH Cop wants to have the most up to date actuals in place before it rolls a month to the next Fiscal Year.  CASH Cop will roll the already passed month(s) to the next fiscal year, based on your preference of actuals or budget (from your "Settings" page).  You may change this setting at any time and it will NOT affect prior months. 

 How about the end of the year.  Are there any steps I must take?
No.  Effective with version 2.01 the transition from one fiscal year to the next is seamless in CASH Cop.  If you are importing Budget and Actuals from QuickBooks we recommend that you have a budget(s) or forecast that cover the entire 12 month rolling budget period (current month, plus 11 months into the future).  

  What if I want to change from rolling "Actuals", to rolling "Budget" numbers to next year?
Go ahead. The change will take effect for months that are rolled over after you make the change. Months that have already been rolled are not affected. 

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 What is your shipping policy if I want a CD?
If desired at time of purchase, the “Get It On CD” purchase option is immediately sent to the fulfillment agency upon completion of purchase. The expected shipping times are as follows: US Domestic Shipping 7-14 days; Canada Shipping 9-16 days ; and International 12-21 days.

 What is your return/refund policy?
During the first 30-days, if our Support Team is unable to resolve your questions or issues regarding CASH Cop, then at our discretion we may refund your purchase contingent upon you removing the product from any and all computers and returning any and all CDs to ezTRUNNION.

 What is your privacy policy?
ezTRUNNION respects the privacy rights of its clients and follows the same privacy policies as DigitalRiver, who is the payment gateway.  
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