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Designed and used to manage the cash flow issues of real businesses - CASH Cop makes it fast and easy to account for all the expenditures and income that affect your cash flow, in a familiar Excel environment.

  Save Time, Save Money
  • Faster than QuickBooks projector - for doing "what-if" scenarios and including Invoices, Estimates, and Purchase Orders.
  • Faster than by hand - for determining the impact of bill payment timing and amounts.
  • Fast Setup - no "mapping", no complex configuration parameters, etc. means you are doing projections & cash management within minutes of installation. 
  • More savings - no more bounced checks, reduce interest paid, control late fees, reduce employee time spent managing the cash flow.  

“… it's such a great program. Thank you so much. For ten years I've been struggling with projecting my cash flow and this tool makes it so easy.”
Tracy C.
Los Angeles, CA 

  Easy to Use
  • Easy to import - 1-click imports of QuickBooks data.
  • No learning curve - Familiar Excel environment.
  • Minimum effort - Dynamic cash flow projections with minimal user input. 
  • Sophisticated yet simple to use technology - including 5 integrated loan calculators.

“I've been telling EVERYONE about you and CASH Cop and how you actually support your product. It's unbelievable.”
QB Certified Pro Advisor

  Fast and Flexible Cash Flow Projections
  • Fast projections - Fast imports plus automatic rolling of 1-year moving cash flow forecast. 
  • Automatic problem flagging - Flags potential budget problems and inconsistencies.
  • Customizable to how you work - Optional incorporation of invoices, estimates and/or POs into the "1-Year Projection" plus other timing variables set on the "Settings" page. 
  • Automatic handling of loan breakdowns - Optional breakout of calculated loan interest into specified Interest Expense budget category.
  • Custom Formula - Excel-based, so additional internal formulas and external worksheet references are easy.

“Cash Cop is my bible at the moment (thank you!) and has been for the last nine months.”
Jane B.

  Easy & Intuitive Cash Management 
  • Time-saving automatic logic - Automatic inclusion of invoices, estimates & open POs on the "6-Week Cash Management" page.
  • Protection against oversight - Optional inclusion of loan calculator determined payments.
  • Easy, visual feedback - Delete key moves an unpaid bill to the next week, and manual entry or partial payments of bill entries calculate on screen.
  • Money At a Glance  - See 5-6 weeks in advance in a glance. 
  • What If Scenarios - Easily create "what if" scenarios without risking your QuickBooks data.
  • Built-in Memory for planning  - Optionally enter a realistic invoice  "receive by" date for delinquent customers.  No re-keying required from week to week and import to import.

  “… it is a tool that I really really need and Cash Cop was the only option I was interested in.”
Fred W.

   Uses Your  Budget Categories 
  • No re-keying - Budget forecast based on your company's expense & income categories.
  • Highlights budget issues – Intelligently tags budget issues that may be a problem.
  • Fast and automatic - Automatically rolls budget to create a one-year moving budget.
  • Labor saving - Loan calculator interest automatically put into Interest Expense category (optional)


"Company Rescued From Cash Flow Crisis"

"A $55,000 Turn-Around In Six Months"

Easy to use  -  right from the start.

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System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher. ((32-bit installations) 
  • XP, Vista, or Windows 7 operating systems.
  • 18 MB of local hard drive storage.
  • QuickBooks company file(s) must be accessible from the selected computer. Multi-user computer must have the application installed within subdirectories accessible by QuickBooks authorized user.

    US Release of CASH Cop

      Supported QuickBooks Edition and Version: US
      QuickBooks Pro Edition (2005 – 2012),
      QuickBooks Premier: All Editions (2005-2012), or
      QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (2005 – 2012), or
      QuickBooks Simple Start (2006 – 2012).

    International Release of CASH Cop

      Supported QuickBooks Edition and Version: CAN, UK
      QuickBooks Pro Edition (CA & UK 2008 – 2012),
      QuickBooks Premier: Accountant (UK 2008-2012), All Editions (CA 2008-2012)
      QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (CA 2008-2012).

QuickBooks is a registered trademark and service mark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries.
Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and other countries.
CASH Cop is a registered trademark of ezTRUNNION LLC in the United States

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