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How It Works
CASH Cop® overcomes the constraints of QuickBooks® cash flow projection & forecasting tools.
  • Excel®-based solution with fast 1-click integration to your QuickBooks data.  
  • Imports your Bills, Invoices, Estimates, POs  for more accurate cash flow projections.
  • Imports your Budget vs. Actual or Forecast vs. Actual or Actual P&L report from QuickBooks.
  • Includes a 6-Week Cash Management page for micro-management of bills.
  • Includes a rolling 1-Year Cash Flow Projection that is easily customizable.
  • Creates and maintains your rolling 12-month Budget Forecast.
  • Automatically highlights cash flow challenges weeks to months in advance.
  • Integrates CASH Cop's 5 loan calculators and QuickBooks bills, invoices, estimates, etc. into your projection.

Customizable 1-Year Cash Flow Projection

The 1-Year cash flow projection can either budget-based or import-based.   Budget-based 1-Year Projections utilize the budget information, and optionally P.O.s and Estimates can be included.  An import-based 1-Year projection utilizes only the imported un-paid bills, open invoices,, and optionally P.O.s and Estimates.  The import-based projection is limited to the actual imported data (un-paid bills, invoices, estimates, POs), and is only recommended when there is no budget information available.  User's can easily switch between the two projection types without affecting their imported data. 

The 5  built-in loan calculators can be individually controlled for inclusion in the 1-Year cash flow projection.  Easily add/edit Other Liabilitiess, Dividend to Owners/Shareholders to reflect the most realist projection.


Interactive 6-Week Cash Management

The 6-Week Cash Management automatically reflects income expected from Invoices and Estimates, and expenses associated with Purchase Orders, in addition to the detail of unpaid bills.  The Cash Management page is interactive, so as you adjust the timing or amount of bill payments the impact on future cash balances is immediately seen.  Color coded alerts for expected deposits will signal when expected Invoices or Estimates for a given week are questionable, and the user should take this information into consideration.

The 5 build-in loan calculators can be individually controlled for inclusion in the 6-Week Cash Management page, and the ability to identify a bill as a "loan" keeps the projection accurate.


Customizable Settings

The Settings page enables businesses to easily control the timing impact of Purchase Orders and Estimates.  The user determines the typical amount of time before a Purchase Order becomes a vendor bill, and the typicaly "net due" timeframe for bills.  If the business uses estimates, the timeframe before an estimate becomes an invoice can be enter to provider greater accuracy to the projections.  Additionally, you have control over what budget information is imported from QuickBooks, e.g. your Budget vs. Actual, Forecast vs Actual reports, or the P&L actuals.



Video - Introduction to CASH Cop (v2)

For the lastest features, please check out the screenshots below.

Video - Importing & Version 3 Invoices (v3.00)

For the lastest features, please check out the screenshots below.

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CASH Cop | Cash Flow Projection | Cash Flow Projections | Cashflow Projections 
CASH Cop | Cash Flow Projection | Cash Flow Projections | Cashflow Projections

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Annotated Screeenshots V3.20 - 
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CASH Cop – fast, affordable, flexible, user-friendly, and works with your QuickBooks data.

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System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher. (32-bit installations)
  • XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 operating systems.
  • 18 MB of local hard drive storage.
  • QuickBooks company file(s) must be accessible from the selected computer.  Multi-user computer must have the application installed within subdirectories accessible by QuickBooks authorized user.  

US Release of CASH Cop 

Supported QuickBooks Edition and Version: US
QuickBooks Pro Edition (2005 – 2013),
QuickBooks Premier: All Editions (2005-2013), or
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (2005 – 2013), or
QuickBooks Simple Start (2006 – 2013).

International Release of CASH Cop  

Supported QuickBooks Edition and Version: CAN, UK
QuickBooks Pro Edition (CA & UK 2008 – 2013),
QuickBooks Premier: Accountant (UK 2008-2013), All Editions (CA 2008-2013)
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (CA 2008-2013).


QuickBooks is a registered trademark and service mark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries.
Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and other countries.
CASH Cop is a registered trademark of ezTRUNNIN LLC in the United States.

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