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July 2010
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ezTRUNNION announces the release of newest version of CASH Cop™

Fellsmere, Florida , July 14th , 2010

ezTRUNNION LLC has released version 3.00 of CASH Cop, their cash flow management software designed for use with QuickBooks®.  This newest release builds upon the success and functionality of previous versions.  "We have added a great new feature for invoices that will make cash flow management and projections faster and easier, as well as other enhancements" says Lynn Luzzi, President of ezTRUNNION.

The feedback from users has been very positive, but we wanted to take CASH Cop to the next level of functionality and user friendliness" say Lynn.   A key new functionality deals with invoice data imported from QuickBooks.  “One of the issues we wanted to address is invoices that are not paid when due, which therefore affects the cash flow and cash flow projections. We’ve incorporated ‘sticky’ memory, so our users can enter an expected received by date for any invoice and CASH Cop will remember that date until the invoice is actually paid.”  This new functionality means less time spent managing the data and more accurate cash flow projects, a win-win for users.

Since the economy is not out of the woods yet, more companies will need to leverage their QuickBooks data to its maximum potential when it comes to financial planning, and cash flow projections.  Seat of the pants financial planning is no longer a viable option for America’s small businesses.  The goal of CASH Cop is to empower small businesses to do cash flow management quickly and accurately.   "CASH Cop is the only affordable, fast, and flexible solution we have seen on the market" says Lynn.  She expects sales to increase this year as more relationships with financial experts come to fruition.

There are currently two versions available for US QuickBooks users, CASH Cop and CASH Cop Pro.  Details are available on ezTRUNNION’s website,

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CASH Cop™ enables proactive control of cash flow and budget
necessary for business success 

Fellsmere, Florida , August 17th , 2009

Small businesses all over America are struggling with cash flow.  Financial experts agree that cash flow problems are one of the most significant causes for business failure.  A new start-up company, ezTRUNNION LLC, has just launched its premier software product that specifically targets this financial problem.  “Our company is committed to delivering targeted solutions for small businesses that help to create business success,” says Lynn Luzzi, founder and President of ezTRUNNION.  “We are seeing small businesses failing at an alarming rate.   Many of these small businesses never vigorously utilized cash flow projections and budgets in the past, and therefore are not equipped to manage the one factor in the current economy over which they have some control, cash flow.  With CASH Cop™, our premier product line, we want to empower millions of small business owners to proactively manage their cash flow situation, both short term and long term.”

“Our product is unique because it leverages a company’s QuickBooks® financial data, and is intuitive enough that no experience with cash flow reports or budgets is necessary.   We want to encourage small businesses to manage their cash flow on at least a weekly basis, so we had to deliver a tool that was not only easy, but also fast and affordable,” says Luzzi.  

CASH Cop provides many distinctive features, including a 5-6 week detail view of a company’s cash flow position.  Deferring or accelerating payment of bills is readily adjusted and the impact on cash flow projections is displayed.  For a longer dynamic view, the user can view a 12 month rolling cash flow projection.  Unlike most budget tools that show fiscal year budget, CASH Cop rolls the past months ahead to the next fiscal year, utilizing either actual or budget amounts.  Budget amounts are easily edited and budget shortfalls are automatically highlighted to encourage budget and cash flow accuracy.  One click imports from QuickBooks, means no re-keying of data, and no adapting the company’s budget or chart of accounts to generic categories. 

There are currently two versions available for US QuickBooks users, CASH Cop and CASH Cop Pro.  Details are available on ezTRUNNION’s website,

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